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Custom Made Websites for a Non Custom-Made Price

Custom Made Websites for a Non Custom-Made Price

Good day to you! This email offer is in response to your post on Craigslist.

We provide custom-made websites to small to medium businesses.

Aamerisystems has a very economical pricing structure for custom-made websites. We provide a flat-rate price for your project, and most often, it's under $1000.00.

If you retain our services, here is what you will get:

  1. Custom designed and developed website, that you can maintain by yourself.
  2. Up to five email addresses that use your domain name so you can communicate with your customers via our web-based system.
  3. Six months of free webhosting and $9.99/month afterwards.
  4. Basic Technical Support via e-mail and phone, included in your web development price

Once you retain us, we will provide you with three prototype designs to choose from. After you make your selection, our next step will be to modify the design per your specifications.

No Money Up Front & Satisfaction is Guaranteed

When you work with Aamerisystems, Inc your satisfaction is guaranteed. No money is required up front.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please reply back if interested or if you have any questions.

Please visit for more details.


Convert BlackBerry to BoostBerry

How to Convert A Blackberry To Work On Boost Mobile IDEN (Boostberry)

1. Download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Software on your Windows PC. Get it from:
I'm using version Version 4.6 and I recommend you do the same although I believe any version 4.1 or greater will work.

2. Download and install BlackBerry OS on your Windows PC from:
This is a critical step that people tend to skip. You must have the OS installed on your PC in order for the Desktop Manager to work correctly and be able to reinstall the browser.

3. Download the service books from here:
Unzip the contained file, MMS_WiFiBrowser.ipd. into a folder where you will be able to find it

4. Plug in your phone to a USB port and start the BlackBerryDesktop Manager. If it says it needs to upgrade the phone's OS, let it.

If it doesn't say it needs to update go into Application Loader > Add Remove Applications. Again, if it says it needs to upgrade the phone's OS, let it.

The upgrade can take up to an hour so don't panic if it seems hung, just let it finish.

4. On you BlackBerry, close all open apps and delete the Browser (even if you don't see a browser in the menu!) by going to Options>Advanced Options>Applications>Browser, press the scroll wheel and choose delete, confirm the deletion and the option to reboot your phone now.

5. When the phone restarts, go to Options -> Advanced Options -> Service Books hold Alt and hit {A/S}{A/S}{B/N}{E/R}{B/N} (for full QWERTY phones it's Alt + {S}{B}{E}{B}).
A message reading "Legacy SB Restore Enabled" will appear if you did this correctly.

6. Connect your phone to the PC again. In Desktop Manager choose "Backup and Restore" , then "Restore", then browse to and select the MMS_WiFiBrowser.ipd file that you downloaded in step 3.

7. After installing the service books, click Main Menu, then Application Loader > Add / Remove Applications. Check the empty boxes next to the Browser, JavaScript and Help to reinstall them.

8. After the phone restarts you should have a working HotSpot Browser icon and there should be a working MMS option for each entry in your address book and a Compose MMS option in the Messages app.

Gmail, Opera Mini and many other third party data aware apps will also work with this set up.

BlackBerry Mail and the IM apps from BlackBerry will still not work.
boostberry 7100i

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